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Smile Cards

These cards were designed to create Happiness Ambassadors committed to sharing happiness and joy across the world!

It is my belief that as we grow in our lives, it is our responsibility to help others to grow in their lives. We share what we have learned freely and with no thought of a favor in return. Do this in our lives will be rewarded! 

Smile Cards
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10 million smiles from FL to NY


From FL to NY is a powerfully written and motivating book that outlines several important factors needed for life:

1. How “The Skill of Being Calm” is critical in tough situations.
2. “The Power of Asking” and its ability to open closed doors.
3. Taking challenges and turning them into strengths.
4. How “Questions and Actions Lead to Amazing Results.”
5. Benefits of “A Never Give Up, Never Surrender Attitude.”

From FL to NY is a wealth of information and a guide for overcoming the challenges of everyday life.

Joann Pauciullo says; “I truly recommend this book for everybody! Once I started reading it I could not stop.”

Sandra Hanesworth says; “A five-star phenomenal book!! This book has a message that makes you think twice about says “yes” to life unfolding in ways you can’t predict.”

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smile and wave america wristband

Wristband Alone

I wanted to share with you about the Smile and Wave wristband.

I picked the colors red and white, because red is the colors of the heart and white is the color of purity. So when you smile and wave you come from a pure heart.

The words Smile and Wave America and Happiness Ambassador are so that when you are feeling down, you can play with the band and be reminded that 1) Smile it’s a great way to cure sadness 2) That we come from a great country 3) That you are a Happiness Ambassador and help others to smile!

The wristbands are energetic. I blessed them with many blessings. Family, love, community, prosperity, joy, growth, health just to name a few.

The wristband is worn on the left arm closest to the heart. When you are feeling happy, wear the words out and the energy gets shared with the people around you and yourself. I you are feeling sad wear the words in towards you and it still feeds the people around you but, feeds you more loving energy!

Keep Smiling my friend!

Smile Cards
paypal objects
smile and wave america wristband and book

Book & Wristband


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