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Sharing Your Smile

One of the things that all human beings cherish & love is to have joy in our lives. Being a Happiness Ambassador’s is all about spreading that joy! Don't you love the reaction, when you see someone receive a surprise gift or the joy you hear in their voice when you receive their call, letting you know how much they’ve enjoyed and appreciate that special gift from you?! It tells them that you are thinking about them and it reminds them of how special they are to you! Here you can not only send them that gift, but support this site/cause as well! You get instant joy in just one click of a button!

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Keeping The Dream Alive

In 2007 I made myself a promise, I promised myself that I would do whatever I could to share my smile with at least 10 Million people, I thought it would be awesome to have 10 Million and 1 people smiling! I purchased a website and went on a campaign to share the smile across the world! My soul purpose is to help people to understand that no matter what happens, no matter what we think we see, no matter what shows up in our world, there is still hope, there is still joy and life will be amazing! This is my part of being the change I desire to see in the world.

Join me in creating a project that helps people to find their happiness and smile

Dancing with cancer has shown me that I now have a new mission ahead of me, and that is to lead by example and to demonstrate how to take life “Beyond the Smile” and create “Happiness in Action”. I will be traveling across the country conducting seminars, book signings, and speeches. I will drive into cities and towns, interacting with people one on one.

When taking on a project of this magnitude there are many moving parts and having had the experience of walking up the southeast coast for 277 days, I know how to maximize the impact that this will have for everyone involved. I am reaching out to you to invite you to become a co-creator in this powerful project. Together we will reach out and impact the lives of many people that are struggling to bring meaning and direction into their own lives.

I am working with a Non-Profit, 501c3, Strategic Business I am not asking for a monetary donation. All I am asking is for you to do is to fill a needed space in this project. One of the many things needed for this project is a van to transport all of the video equipment, clothes, books, your brochures/pamphlets/products for handouts etc. I am trading up with people until I can trade into the van that will help me to accomplish my mission. I would love to talk with you further and work with you on this much needed endeavor.  

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